The hot-trend “Healing” 

Usually “Healing” means the process of recovering from a scar or bad condition. However in Korea, it’s more of process for one to recover from heartbreaking and deep scar left at one’s feelings.

People use it everywhere. Even book or food can be called ‘healing food’. I get to think it’s making sense to Koreans as not many people really think deeply. Sometimes, having an outlet is okay. But replacing materialism and doing a meaningless behaviors as an ongoing outlet will be just a terrible idea. The problem will not be solved.

Lots of people confuse “healing” with “humanitarian” and “aesthetics”. One of my duties at my work is to make a curriculum and conduct a capacity building program. However… one thing I had to face was people calling a merely aesthetic topics as a easily explained aesthetics. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Once I lost my words when my coworkers said “humanitarian and aesthetics” is the same with color therapy. I got to learn that not many people are familiar with the concept “humanitarian or aesthetics”. No wonder it was so difficult to explain why the aesthetics is the answer to burn out syndrome. I even gave a comparison to food, but didn’t work.

Well… People have their own world based on their experience. I  don’t blame them. I eventually got to accept who they are and blame myself for judging others world. But thanks to them, I got to know why people consider “healing” an humanitarian and aesthetics. For them, it is the best and most cool outlet.

So if you ever come to Korea, hope you understand the concept of “healing”. Cuz it still startles me.


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