Halloween Day or Hollo-ween day?

<Past and present of Halloween Day >

30 October has special meaning for everyone. For me, it was a day when I get to dress up as something/one else and mingle with friends and loved ones collecting candies. Counting the numbers and talking about the tour till the basket is almost full makes me smile.

For some, it’s a special reason for them to   dress up and party. I have no idea how kids are doing these days, cuz I did hear things got more unsecure. Anyway, today, I am going to talk about Halloween day in Korea. 

<Halloween Day in Korea>

Korea did not have Halloween Day. Thus, the concept at first was bit tricky to people. So how people took it was “a special day when people dress up and party, or day for candy”. I still remember when  what “trick or treat” meant was proudly explained by English teacher. 

Let’s touch the basics. How is it celebrated by the facilities?!

–  English institutions: It’s a huge day, cuz the institutions wants to make sure that the parents feel like their children have experienced “western atmosphere”. 

– Clubs, Theme parks: special theme day and extra income day for the club, and lots of hook ups and promotion photos! 

– Some close friends: dress up and have cake and have small party 

– others; non 

As a person who loves Halloween, it is so boring  and too materialistic. Besides, they all dress all alike. I miss the good old Halloween Day.


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