Always challenging..introducing myself

Hi! It has been a while since I have posted last time. Today, I am going to talk about introduction.

Saying hi or bye has  never been an emotional thing for me as it was so usual. It would be weird if no one would come or go.

But introduction has been always difficult for me. I could elaborate about myself. But let’s face it. Would the other person be interested?

I know what kind of questions I will get afterwards. a) So where are you from?;b) Do you speak the local language? ; c) okay. It’s usually me re-elaborating about myself or just trying to change the awkward atmosphere. “Okay” could mean so much!

But above all, I especially find introducting myself so difficult that I’d rather work on a math problem (I am terrified and terrible at Math).  Maybe it’s because I don’t really know how much the other person wants to know about me.

Few days ago, I finally got a chance to chat with a person I was so looking forward to talk to. But there I was….. not knowing how to introduce myself. So I decided that I won’t mention anything about my childhood so I can just focus on the upcoming days! Guess what… just with a blink of an eye, there it was! The inevitable moment coming up right next to the beloved question “So where are you from?”, ” Did you grow up in Korea?”

…… I was just bumped! I literally lost words.. But I did manage to answer it.. “It’s complex..  ” Some say that “complicated” is the right word, but for this case, I say ” complex”. I might have seemed like a weird person with a different way of carrying on with my conversation.

As a TCK, I love a in-depth discussion and  getting to know about one’s way of perception on certain things. I don’t feel awkward at all. So overall, I had a pleasant time talking about the  topics I preferred in the moment. But looking back, I’ve got to work on my social skills.

Being a TCK is a two sides of coin, but not knowing how to introduce myself fully explaining about myself is such a difficult thing. I thougt I have found my identity, but guess I have more way to go.


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