difficult “Career choice” and hanging in there

I don’t always have a good choice on choosing where I work. I am more up for challenge and my interest rather than stability. And one of a typical characteristics of TCK has a big influence on it too. 
Some prefers to stay at one place for a long term. But for me, whenever things seems to be irresistible or unreasonable, I would always leave for somewhere else. It has been working just fine up to now. Since I am 28 years old, it has become a time to choose career carefully.(In Korea, being 28 means many things such as the followings. It is the “30” of western countries.  Have to prepare for your marriage; Choose career carefully cuz you can’t move that much!; All the decent guys are dating or getting married; people start to compare each other with social status and position at their workplace) 

For me, I have finally reached a point where I am ” surviving” and “working my way up” in Korean culture. Sadly, I’ve got to reconsider my options on leaving because it’s time to claim my position. 

Being 30 years old (In Korean age) is a brand new thing for me that I’m looking forward to what kind of compromises I have to make to get to where I want to be in my career plan.


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