Living and working in two cultures

For some who don’t know me well can easily assume that I will be well acquainted with two cultures. (Cuz I have learned how to hide it) But just like others, I am like any other TCKs, wandering around the seemless boundaries of cultures and social norms. 

My main culture is simply third culture I have created and diverse culture(there are so many foreigners from different upbringings). I would say I haven’t found my clique yet. Maybe it’s me not being able to be absorbed to the Korean culture or the others, but I came up with solution that it’s neither good for both sides. There always will be someone who will confront me for not being Korean enough. So weirdly, I find no -Korean dominated clique more comfortable. 

However, I work in an organization which is based on Korean culture. I won’t suger coat it. It is killing me. People request me to be “Korean enough”as I have a Korean passport. They assume that I will live in Korea forever. But ironically, they want my western mindset and language skills when they feel necessities to reform or be creative. It has been a year since I have been working here, and I already want to quit. Frankly as a person who have moved to other companies year base, I can’t imagine how people work at one place for more than 10years. 

It’s so sad that subway announcements are making my way to work more comfortable. 

I love Korean culture and tradition, but I don’t like the people’s  bistandards and business culture.


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