Saying goodbyes 

As a TCK, making a new friend was never a difficult thing. But keeping certain distance so that I don’t have to be sad when either one leaves is always difficult. (It was always, staying or leaving) 

For me, I thought I have learned how to be okay when someone was leaving and I am staying. But apparently for the ones whom I became very close were hard to say goodbye. 

And especially since I became the one who is staying, it stings to say goodbye. I didn’t notice it when I was leaving, only feeling excited about what will happen from now on. Now being in their shoes, I can feel how blue it can be. Thanks to the technology, it will be fine. But still, it’s not the same.

And knowing the end of ones stay in the same country is so helpful to find an emotional closure. Yet I don’t know when I will be okay with a close friend leaving the country without knowing when one will come back.  I wish I don’t have to comfort myself pretending it’s totally okay by saying ” We have technology so it’s okay.” I wonder how other TCKs dealt with this when there were no technology. 


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