My favorite pastime in Korea! (Ep.1_Han River) 

Hi there! Today I am going to talk about my favorite pastime in Korea. Maybe someone who have been reading my blog so far might have thought that ‘she only talks about her work.’ For my excuse, It just happened to be a frustrating week. I think this is my first optimistic post about Korea. My apologies if the previous posts were too stressful.

I have so many pastimes that could be categorized into art, sightseeing, culture, and language. The most favorite pastime would be taking photos and exploring the culture by learning the language or visiting places. The above mentioned activities are the main pastime that didn’t change even if I am at different countries.

But I do have to say that I sometimes get bored in Korea so that I leave to somewhere else when the times allows. For this year it was Osaka and Kyoto of Japan. I have a looonnnnng holiday this coming week (5 days) and on October (10 days!).  I am still looking forward to those holidays. For the upcoming week, I am planning to stay home or meet some friends. I needed to relieve my stress for two months of “no more national holidays”. But on October, I am weighing between Europe or US. If I go to Europe, it will be visiting my childhood and US will be more of visiting my friends and going to places I’ve never been to.

So! my favorite pastime in Korea is an activities that I can only experience in Korea! This is the first episode. I have top 5 list! And I assure you that it was so unique and interesting that I get to visit them everytime I get a chance or follow up how it changes.

1. Visiting Han Gang River

* Gang already means river in Korea, but somehow an official way of translation into English has changed last year to repeating it whatsoever

For those who have visited Seoul would have visited Han Gang River. It had so many historical meaning to people from the past. It meant having water coming into ones crop fields as well as having place to wash clothes. And as the society changes, Han Gang River has become one of the cultural place.

It’s place where many families, couples, friends and your companion animals come to chill out. There are so many delivery service that can find you in a vast area. So if you have never tried Chimac (chicken and beer) or Pimac (pizza and beer), it’s going to be a unique experience.:)

And these days, there are food truck zone too (quite artificial). It was bit disappointing that it’s just a moving expensive restaurant. (missed food truck zone in Portland, US) 

But loved the beautiful scenery. Some come to Han River for photo taking (professional) and fishing.

Everyone was enjoying walking and enjoying the scenery.

There are so many places where you can borrow bicycles. There are moutain bike, regular bike with and without gears, and coulple bike. (and childrens bike too)

People enjoying picnic. It’s fascinating how many people have tents (there were so many tents and camping equipment in the other area)

If you had your heart broken, you might want to reconsider visiting this place but It is one of the places you can’t miss. (If you are wondering why, look at a couple on the left bottom of the above picture).

One thing that caught my eyes were there are more and more people who likes to get married on the boats. It’s becoming a new trend (I am not talking about a yacht. I am talking about a ministure cruise that doesn’t move)

Next time, I am going to talk about my second favorite pastime. See you next time!


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