Art Village, Gimpo, Korea

Two days ago, I went on a spontaneous trip/walk to the newly constructed area in Gimpo.

Gimpo was a major arena of conflict back when  Goguryeo, Baekje, and Shilla existed. As the times goes by, the current Gimpo’s name was constantly changing and voila! It’s called ‘Gimpo.’ Now it is a city where lots of new towns have been settled and became home to new families seeking a nature-kind lifestyle.

*If you want to know more about Gimpo’s history, please check this link (Official website of the Gimpo City)

On that day, I went to a Gimpo Art Village (김포아트빌리지). It was 15 minutes walk from Unyang-dong, where I live.


It was difficult to spot at first because it was behind the Art Center. Gimpo Art Village officially opened in March 2018.

It has mainly consisted of 13 Hanok (a traditional style of building houses), Art Center(an outdoor concert hall, exhibition hall, practice room), Hanok stay, Hanok rental, cafe, and 5 studios. For Hanoka and studios, they had all sorts of craft workshops. There were so many activities to do, such as making a traditional sewing, pottery, painting mountains, and experiencing the traditional culture and Hanok stay.


<The Main center of Hanoks>

They had so many interesting items in the center. Children would love to visit here because they could experience the traditional toys in person. 🙂


<Front door to the Hanbok-rental shop/photo studio>

The photo studio might seem normal, but if you look at the curtain-ish cloth, it’s not at all. It has modernized the children’s traditional cloth. (It was worn by the children under age 10 for happy days). I loved how they modernized the cloth to curtain. So colorful and delightful to look at. Who would have known that cloth could look so nice?

(FYI, the following is how the ancestors used to wear that silk- “Saek-dong.” Can you see how bright the colors were?)

Korean_clothing-Hanbok-Saekdong_jeogori-01 C) Wikipedia

So back to the topic, the cafe was wonderful.


<From the balcony section of the Cafe>

I loved how the cafe preserved the charm of Hanok.


<Their Menu>

They combined the cafe and Hanok together. The way how they put the plants on the exterior is definitely not traditional. But whatsoever, it is very harmonized.


<Interior of the cafe>

However, the interior was very modernized Hanok. Traditionally, the ancestors didn’t really use chairs. So good for someone who has good back!


<Interior of the Cafe>

This cafe had a perfect example of the combination of Western and Eastern culture.


<Plants on the balcony section>

The flowers and plants definitely made the balcony nicer.


<The tea we had>

This is a traditional tea in Korea. It came with a beautifully made Korean style cup. It is perfect for the atmosphere.

Else than cafe and workshops, this place so many things to offer. If you are a big fan of modernized traditional Korean culture fan, you will love this place 🙂

Thanks for reading


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