Must-go Cafe in Busan

Busan is known for so many things. Magnificent scenery with the vast ocean and local market full of warm-hearted people. And some would recognize it as one of the backgrounds for the movie “Black Panthers.”

Busan, showing its fantastic modern scenery and nightlife, has a long history of being home of a fisherman and booming business as well as the last safest city in South Korea while the Korea War in the 1950s. Before that, Busan was where lots of Japanese resided during the late Joseon dynasty and Japanese colonization following after the end of “Daehan Empire.” They formed a Japanese town and lived together for trading business.


The Japanese town formed in the late Joseon Dynasty (The Academy of Korean Studies)

As a result, there still is a bit of influence from Japan in the lifestyle of the elders, linguistics phenomenon, and buildings. We can still see many elders using adopted Japanese phrases or Japan+Korean words. But something definitely didn’t change about it. People with warm-heart and caring about each other (in Korean way).

While visiting Busan, my relatives and I visited a cafe literally in the clouds (Of course it was on the hill). This cafe was originally a house built in 1941 in a Japanese house style. The Cafe tried their best to keep how it was in the old days.


The cafe <Choryang 1941>

The Enterance

Interior details of the cafe 

The exterior of the Cafe

They sell milk tea, milk, coffee, (6 USD except for coffee) and desserts, and some stationaries. Their milk tea was so good! I didn’t have an expectation at all, but it just opened my eyes.


Milk tea and milk in a pretty bottle along with brownies and coffee

This cafe is actually one of the other buildings that feature a cafe, snacks, seafood market, gallery, cooking studio and market just like the following picture.


The location is also not that difficult either. It’s at Choryang Sation (Line no.1). But it’s better to go there with a car as it is very steep… and Busan’s transportation system is bit complex than Seoul.


 One of the buildings


Since it’s on the hill and right next to the temple, you can hear birds shimmering and clouds with your own two eyes.


One of the buildings and the houses nearby


the houses nearby

It was definitely wonderful to have a milk tea in a renovated Japanese house which is literally in the clouds.

If you are looking for somewhere unique or is curious about how Japanese house could be renovated to Korean style cafe, this is a must go place. And also if you want to impress a potential significant other.


<Cafe Choryang 1941> 

Location:  533-5 Mangyang-ro, Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea 

 * Public transportation: Choryang Sation (Line no.1)

open from 11AM to 22PM (closed on Monday and Tuesday)

 * It’s a no kids zone 



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