Journey to the countryside in Korea- Part1

It’s easy to think that the countryside scenery you saw in the movies don’t exist anymore. But it does still exist. You only have to drive 90 minutes by car from Seoul.

The countryside I want to introduce today is one of the towns in Gimpo. Unlike Seoul, Gimpo has been a mix of agricultural and manufacturing business area for a long time.

Where is Gimpo though?

Map of South Korea (Google)

The dark Grey colored area is Gyeonggi-do, one of the provinces in Korea. And the red colored area is Gimpo. Guess where Seoul is! Seoul is the light grey colored area in the middle of Gyeonggi-do. (That’s because Seoul is a metropolitan city)

Nowadays, Gimpo is turned into a mixture of suburban city and manufacturing business, and agricultural areas.

Since we covered where Gimpo is, let’s go ahead with a wonderful place to eat one of the famous traditional Korean food and a cozy cafe with a spectacular Eastern Arts and an amazing beverage.

The countryside we are heading to has two restaurants in the town. So we stopped by the restaurant on the way. It serves a delicious noodles with beef bone broth. They also serve other menus too. If you have children, they also serve Bossam (pork dish) and Donkatsu.

But we tried out their signature dish, noodles with beef bone broth.

It’s a renovated building, but I loved how the traditional building’s essence is preserved. The ambience of coming to my Grandparent’s house in the countryside πŸ™‚

You can either get a table or sit on the floor (of course with a seat cushion- If there’s no seat cushion, that will be an impolite place or simply forgot to make it available!)

If you like challenges or exploring the fullest, I recommend taking the seat cushion. The traditional Korean houses are designed to just sit on the floor. You can enjoy the decor and amazing view only when you sit on the floor. And this restaurant had it.

Inside the restaurant

Another thing about this place was that there are so many antiques from the 60s-80s. It really feels like being in my grandma’s house.


As an appetizer, you can have a sweet pumpkin soup and a wheat rice. I heard that mixing soy bean or sesame sauce makes it more fun. Or you can eat the rice itself with the leftover soup from noodle. I didn’t know that I could mix it with soy bean and sesame sauce, but give it a try if you get a chance.

Appetizer we ordered- it’s beef dumplings
`Our main dish

Tadaa~ Our main menu! The beef broth was really deep. It was a quality meal. I will def go there again.

As we headed out, we could see a pot and pottery containers.

And a rest/smoking area in the corner. They left two fans just in case they feel hot.

Right next to the parking lot, there is a spectacular view of a countryside at the back. And it is a starting point for countryside.

How to get there

<정톡 κ΅­μˆ˜μ§‘> (Jeong-tong- Guk-soo-Jip) _meaning: Traditional Noodle restaurant.

Opening hours: 9 AM- 9 PM / Everyday

Address: 247 Hasa-ri, Haseong-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do

Korean address: 경기도 κΉ€ν¬μ‹œ ν•˜μ„±λ©΄ λ™μ„μ‚°λ‘œ 238 (ν•˜μ‚¬λ¦¬ 247λ²ˆμ§€)

Contact Info: 031-989-8230

Keep posted for the next post on the cafe!

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